22WET💦 is a waterbase application that is actually less dense (lighter) than Lacquer.  You will find Lacquer on just about any "real" skateboard deck today.  For years, Lacquer served as a mild sealant, a gloss medium, and is often used during graphic application processes on non-slick skateboard decks.  22WET💦 adds next level protection while leveling up on performance by sliding faster and further, never breaching OEM deck size to weight ratios nor tampering with integrity - We stay clear of the harsh solvents you find some company's applying on boards today.  We packed all this into a undeniable, one of a kind finish, visually & in performance.  A new vibe that is the beginning of a new era, and you feel it the minute you began setting up a freshie.   

 As skaters, the we don't like new stuff.  The gimmicks never last.  We rarely see Slicks now days.  Those came out in the early 90's and were around for a while.  The problem is, their too heavy.  This is not a Slick. 22WET💦 and the applications 2WENTY2 applies into all of our graphics and applications now and in the years to come, will always be between those fine lines of what is really acceptable to us.  We are indeed the only company on the planet producing this application.  Every wet deck is done in-house, by hand, very carefully, one by one...       

 ...and it's here to stay.