We feel like we have something to add to skateboarding. There are a lot of ways to improve the skateboard, but with skating often being uniquely about style, we found our passion in creating boards that look absolutely stunning. We want to create decks with a masterful construction that gives the skateboards a plush, luxury feel. That’s not to say that our decks aren’t meant to shred. They definitely look great as a piece of art on the wall, but they look easily as great (if not better) when set up and ridden creating a brand new fresh deck experience. 


Our 22WET decks will leave you in awe of the glass-like mirror finish that we apply to each one being careful not to increase the weight of the deck at all. We use a special gloss that doesn’t damage the wood and is applied and polished by hand. The result is a board you can really see yourself on. 


We want our team to represent a lot of the same values that 22 as a company has. We really look for those rare individuals who are humbled by the experience of skating on a team. We appreciate their ability to not get caught up in all the noise and to stay focused on the task at hand. That is to shred everything they can and look damn good while doing it. 


The last thing we want our supporters to have to worry about is wood. It keeps us up at night enough already. The way we see it cool graphics printed on a poor piece of wood is still just a shitty skateboard. We aren’t in the business of selling shitty anything, so rest assured knowing our decks are 100% Hard-Rock Canadian Maple and cold-pressed for a high-quality skateboard.